Can chickens survive the freeze?

We are in Texas and our chickens don’t seem to mind the cold.  This winter the cold has hit us early and especially hard.  Today through the weekend we will not get above freezing they say, and the nights are dipping to the teens with windchills close to zero.

Our coops are ventilated and warm with a deep litter flooring; the  chickens are let out during the day and the alpaca’s barn is a backup area for their warmth.  They have done just fine.  The  only issue is having a supply of unfrozen water for them.  I am getting some rubber type of livestock containers I saw at Tractor Supply.  I have read they are easy to get frozen water out of.   The  chickens need to exercise, run around, and eat their grains, so let them out and enjoy.  Don’t expect much egg production; we were only getting a couple a day before these freezing temps so may get zero until it warms up some.

Here are some good tips from Robert Plamondon’s blog that I follow.


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