It’s a girl

Our alpaca girl, Dash, had a new cria a week ago today, Tuesday. She was in the pasture as the sun rose that Tuesday morning. She was just over 14 lbs and quite the cutie.   Dash’s last cria was a female born June 2009, and named her Summer Surprise.  The father of both is our herdsire Hershey Surprise.  Summer had a touch of jealousy, and to be safe I like to close up mom and baby in the catch pen and in the barn away from the others so they can bond and baby won’t get accidentally trampled.  The nice weather the past week allowed the others to enjoy being outside.  After a few days, we let Dash and baby out with the others full time.    Thinking of naming her Ziva, or something Peruvian/Quechan/South American.  Here are some pictures.I just love it here Click on a picture to the barn with mom

So, I’ve had computer issues and have not posted for awhile. Since then, we have also had the hens hatch 10 new chicks in April, and so they have all grown and are starting to lay. Of those 12, it appears we have about 4 roosters from the bunch.  We already had 2 roosters from a previous hatch, but everyone seems to be getting along and with 3 coops spaced apart in different pastures, they have spread themselves out so there are not a lot of conflicts that I can see. Each coop has developed it’s own flock  dynamics of hens to roosters and everyone goes in their designated spots at night.

We also had all the alpacas sheared in early  May. A nearby farm contracts their shearing and he had a few spare days until his next job out of state and so we booked him to do ours.  We submitted fleece samples for testing to Yocom-McColl and were pleased with results from Summer.  The shearer commented on her fleece being a very fine baby alpaca that would test well.

I will post more pics and more regular  entries now that I am back online.