Alpacas and Texas 4-H

I got an e-mail today about getting 4-H groups involved with alpacas as a project.  We would love to see that happen in our area.  Has anyone had experience with alpacas in 4-H and is it a possibly successful idea?  I have not ever been involved with 4-H so I don’t know what all the ins and outs of the organization is.  I will try to read up and find out more, but right now we would like to get our animals more into the public eye.

Since alpacas are  naturally shy animals they are hard for people to understand why they don’t  act all warm and cuddly  like their family dog.  I don’t think cows or sheep act like that either, but because alpacas have such a cute presence and appearance,  people expect them to act differently.

The ultimate goal of the U.S. alpaca organizations is get the fleece going as a major product (like cotton, and wool) and get enough animals on the ground to produce the quantity of fleece needed by major manufacturers.  I hear differing answers to that so I cannot say for sure what an ideal number of animals is for fleece production.

Hopefully, we can get something organized in northeast Texas to get the word out.  I have contacted a ranch near me and we may be able to get some ideas for getting this off the ground.