Country Life for the weekend

Weekend Living in the country is such a nice change from driving to work during the week.  The weekend means we can sleep till 7 instead of 6; we can take a little more time giving everyone their morning feed and even notice and enjoy the sunrise  a little longer.  Nothing feels like work when you enjoy what you do, so the weekend chores are not really chores. I look at them as making a nicer area for the alpacas to lounge in the barn and  cleaner nests in the coops for the chickens to  lay their eggs.

When the barn is clean and freshened up it is a great feeling.  I eliminate hiding places for little mice or a wayward skunk or rabbit.    The chickens plop into their nest boxes and we know we will have more eggs to collect that evening. 

We have had lots of rain so the few days in between that have the sun shining we enjoy the most.  The truck or car get washed of the mud and grime to enjoy for a day or two before the next rain and muddy road. 

The puddles in the pasture dry out enough that we don’t have to wear our Wellies outside.  The alpacas venture out into the pasture to enjoy the new sprigs of spring grass before they are relegated into the barn when the rain starts up again.  They stretch out on the ground to soak up the warm sunshine. I wander over just to make sure they are breathing.   The chickens spread out in the pasture in the warm sunshine to find any new bugs hiding out.

So this weekend the sun is shining until Sunday afternoon, so we are cleaning up around here.  I am looking at the raised beds to get ready for the vegetables I will plant soon.  Green peppers were fabulous last year.  The tomatoes not so much, but this year I will plant them in a different bed and not so close together.   Some  of that alpaca poo and chicken poo will be turned into the soil to add some nutrients before this year’s planting begins.  The trees need a boost of fertilizer.

The robins and cardinals are here now.  I saw a little bird I had never seen before so I am trying to figure out what it is.  The mockingbird is here but not singing yet.  I will clean the hummingbird feeders and hang them out although the migration map shows they are just arriving at the west coast and the storms may interrupt their progress.  The  Monarchs will soon be taking off from Mexico and headed our way.

My wonderful veggies

Tomatoes and green peppers
Tomatoes and green peppers

I had only tomatoes last year and got enough to keep us eating fresh tomatoes into November from a couple of plants.    This year I planted six plants and they are growing like crazy.  I have realized I planted them too close together and so at some points during the day they are shading each other.  I will change that next year.

I did not have green peppers last year but we use them alot and they are expensive.  Right now they are going for over $1.50 EACH at the market.  I planted six plants and they are growing like crazy too.  Possibly I even planted them too close so I will space them out better next year.  

green peppersJuly green peppers


I have raised beds that came with the place, but we plan to add some more since we have some of our old fenceposts stacked and stored we can use.

Here are some before and after pics.  I planted after the last big freeze at Easter; the cool weather and rain in the spring I think slowed down the growth and the vegs weren’t ready to pick until June.  As the weather cools into the fall they should start another growth spurt.

late spring tomatoes

late spring tomatoes

summer tomatoes