Snow, snow and more snow

We have had now 12+ hours of ongoing snowfall. This is very unusual for our area and has set a snowfall record for this calendar date and also for the amount of total snowfall in a season for our area.  The snow is expected to continue through until the early morning hours of Friday morning then taper off.  Saturday is supposed to be in the 50’s.

Today on my way to work I slid off our little country road (the road has a sharp turn in it; I turned the Explorer steering wheel,  but it kept going straight).  Off the road, into the ditch and up the other side and into the neighbors pasture as I steered it back down the ditch and up onto our road.  And mind you my foot was not even on the gas pedal the entire time.  The vehicle took on a life of it’s own.  Luckily in that section of the road there were no trees, poles or pasture fencing.  I went on to work, very slowly, but the outcome could have been totally different. 

I am amazed at the bravado drivers have in bad weather and choose to impose their bravado onto other drivers by endangering everyone’s safety.  I also don’t understand the drivers who choose not to turn on their vehicle headlights as a matter of safe visibility.  Not because they can’t see, but because I can’t see them in downpouring rain or like today when the snow was so thick I could not see them until they were there, and especially WHITE vehicles. Duh.  That’s why I choose to stay home if I can in bad weather; not because I am a coward, but because I choose to stay out of the way of those idiots.

Please drive safely and TURN ON your headlights so we can see YOU.

Feels like Kansas

We moved from Kansas in 1982 to warm and wonderful Dallas, TX for 3 reasons:

#1.  go where the jobs are (at that time building was booming here and my husband  just graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Architecture and he found his perfect job here);

#2. go where it was an easy trip by car back for family visits in 8 hours or less;

#3. get to someplace that has warmer winters (those 6′ snow drifts in winter and the long cold winter months October to May was rather tiresome)

But so far this winter, it has reminded me of Kansas winters.  I don’t recall having such weather this early in the winter season here in our area (already it has snowed here and the freezing weather is appearing too soon; Houston got snow for only the 4th time EVER and the earliest snowfall ever on record for them). And it hangs around, drifts off, warms up a few days, then comes right back around to us again: cold, rain, freezing weather.

In past seasons, I have put up Christmas lights outside when it was hot and humid, not at all feeling like it should be Christmas. I do really like it to at least FEEL like Christmas weather out.  But then once Christmas is over I am ready for Spring, which usually doesn’t start appearing until March when the trees bloom and leaf out.

So how are the weather forecaster’s doing with predictions?  Here is a link to one that appears to be accurate for our area so far; we have had lots of rain and then when it gets down to freezing it gets dangerous for us down here.  They don’t stock enough sand or salt for melting freezing rain on the roads so usually you don’t get out on the freezing slick roads just to stay out of the way of the people who think they can get somewhere without sliding and crashing.

The chickens have been chowing down more on their lay crumbles and when it actually warmed up into the 60’s they started laying more eggs; it’s supposed to get down in the 40’s during the day tomorrow so I am sure they will slow down again.

Keep an emergency food and blanket kit in your car at all times.  Be careful out there.

Great giveaway

Three are soooo many blogs out there it’s hard to know where to start, but I am on a few that I try out for awhile and usually they have links to their favorite blogs that lead me to others. 

Today there is a giveaway on this one you might want to read about for healthy eating. The contest rules are in this link and are easy to follow.  Act now, time is running out.

Farmers at risk

I signed up for several agriculture related newsletters.  Some are better than others; some arrive more frequently than others. Some have contests and recipes also.

Today I received one from my Women In Ag Sampler, a related site of Agriculture Online and  Successful Farming. You have several choices of newsletters if you go here to sign up at Agriculture Online 

and here for Successful Farming Online

Today they had an article on farmer’s healthcare. In particular, hearing loss, was the focus today.  Go here to read the article and there are some free clinics in some states. AGRISAFE is the name. For more info click here

or here for AGRISAFE links

Take a look and see if there are any newsletters that may interest you.  I am new to this way of life and so any info I can find is a great education for me.

A New Year; what to do?

After the holidays is a time for planning ahead.  And usually that includes improving mine and my husband’s fitness and food issues.  We usually have gained a few pounds after holiday indulgences in November and December so we look to watch what we eat and shed those pounds.  It is harder during the winter since  we don’t get outside like we do in the summer. 

My exercise on cold days is to dart out to let the chickens out in the morning, and  feed the alpacas and close up the chickens in the evening.  If it’s a really nice day I will work in the alpaca and chicken  pastures or around cleaning up the garden beds, but we usually don’t have several days in a row that are nice so regular exercise is just not happening .

I found a great site by the American Heart Association.  I have included some links in the left column specifically targeted for women.  Take a look. The CHOOSE TO MOVE is a great one.  It’s a self paced 12 week health and weight improvement program with support groups and helpful info sent regularly to remind and support you while you go.  

The GO RED FOR WOMEN is also a great program.  Feb 6th is the GO RED day.

I am going to focus on more indoor walking (you can also move the cars out of the garage and have an enclosed environment to walk/run/exercise). We do have an  elliptical machine.   I will get on daily and I will weigh myself daily and keep track of what I eat and how often I exercise.  If you write it down it makes you more aware of your achievements no matter how small.

Sign up at CHOOSE TO MOVE and GO RED and feel better about your health and your family’s too.