A New Year; what to do?

After the holidays is a time for planning ahead.  And usually that includes improving mine and my husband’s fitness and food issues.  We usually have gained a few pounds after holiday indulgences in November and December so we look to watch what we eat and shed those pounds.  It is harder during the winter since  we don’t get outside like we do in the summer. 

My exercise on cold days is to dart out to let the chickens out in the morning, and  feed the alpacas and close up the chickens in the evening.  If it’s a really nice day I will work in the alpaca and chicken  pastures or around cleaning up the garden beds, but we usually don’t have several days in a row that are nice so regular exercise is just not happening .

I found a great site by the American Heart Association.  I have included some links in the left column specifically targeted for women.  Take a look. The CHOOSE TO MOVE is a great one.  It’s a self paced 12 week health and weight improvement program with support groups and helpful info sent regularly to remind and support you while you go.  

The GO RED FOR WOMEN is also a great program.  Feb 6th is the GO RED day.

I am going to focus on more indoor walking (you can also move the cars out of the garage and have an enclosed environment to walk/run/exercise). We do have an  elliptical machine.   I will get on daily and I will weigh myself daily and keep track of what I eat and how often I exercise.  If you write it down it makes you more aware of your achievements no matter how small.

Sign up at CHOOSE TO MOVE and GO RED and feel better about your health and your family’s too.