HAITI Earthquake Relief

AARP will match dollar for dollar all contributions, up to $500,000.  Please contribute what you can.  They need the money to allocate accordingly to their needs to supply medicine, food, clothing and shelter.

Please consider a donation of any amount,  that will be matched by AARP, doubling your gift. Follow this link:


“AARP Foundation is proud to be working with HelpAge USA and its international parent organization HelpAge International to rush emergency relief to older and aged victims of the quake.”

Gifts handmade

I handmade some hanging kitchen towels mentioned and pictured   in December; I just came across this site I really like. Take some time to look all through it and also find the “how to” links in their far right column.  I am going to look at this closer, but the shawls caught my attention.  Remember, you can use spun  alpaca fiber  for knitting and crocheting.  I am keeping this link handy.  I will add it to the blogroll on the left of my blog.


Happy New Year 2009

It is so relaxing to be home after the holidays and have nice weather to boot. It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday while we were in Nacogdoches, TX.

 I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday with family.  The alpacas and chickens didn’t know any different but the weather was nice so we had no worries as we headed out of town for an overnight visit this week.

We had our Christmas spread out over a week.  Just the two of us here on Christmas, then our son and wife here from Okla City  the Friday after through Sunday. My husband’s father drove down from Salina, KS to spend the week with us.  He is leaving tomorrow.  And while he was here, we drove over to our daughter and her husband in Nacogdoches, TX.  My husband’s office (residential architects) always closes Christmas through New Years so there was plenty of time to  be with family.

I really enjoyed making things this year for others.  It always helps to shop for Christmas  throughout the year and relieves a lot of stress when the holidays arrive.  My husband is not so inclined, but I have already made shopping lists for some family members for next year and will watch for sales and spread out the expense.  It has evolved into “I shop and you wrap”.

I decided I had a little extra time beforehand to make some things.  I made some cheesecake bites and some chocolate swirl graham cracker treats and put them in tins for the neighbors.  In addition there was room on top to put in one of my hanging kitchen towels I made with a Christmas theme.  I also made towels for my daughter and daughter in law and father in law.  I have a few more to make before we meet up with more family in January for a holiday get together.   They are so easy and I enjoy shopping for the fabric and towels to complement each other.  I tell everyone if they need more to let me know.

I am excited to make purses, aprons and maybe placemats for next year. I am getting some patterns in mind and will be happy to shop for fabric.  I have found ebay can have some great prices on great fabrics and I focus on those with free shipping. I have found some great purse patterns and other patterns as well.

So best wishes to you for a prosperous and happy new year.  A reminder that I have several links to sites I subscribe to or visit, over in the left side column.  Take a look and find some things of interest.

An Alpaca Spirit Ranch Christmas

Well, today is winding down and finds all of our animals healthy and happy.  They all look forward to their evening meal of pellet feed and fresh hay.  They see me coming towards the barn near dusk and start racing through the barn and around the pastures.  I honestly don’t know what keeps them from running into each other or stumbling over the uneven surfaces.  They delight in this race  and the girls pasture is neck and neck with the boys racing in their pasture and through their side of the  barn.  Today was in the 60’s and with some brief sunshine until the clouds rolled in this afternoon.  Some drizzle and maybe light rain tomorrow, Friday and off and on through the weekend.

The chickens delighted in the really nice weather today and were all over the pastures.  I am not sure what they were able to find to eat, but they were sure busy trying to find something good.  They are such fun to watch scampering around. 

I think I may let some of the broody hens raise some chicks in the spring when it is warmer and sell them.  I did look into selling eggs at the local Farmer’s Market and I must get a permit from the city to do so. I will have that in place when the market starts up again in the spring.  I am looking into some other items to make and sell at the market.

Have a nice holiday and a Happy New Year.   Get some tax breaks by purchasing an alpaca by the end of this year.  You don’t have to have a place for him; he can be boarded.  Check with your tax adviser and visit a nearby alpaca ranch before the end of the year to find an alpaca or two to own.

Project Linus–blankets for kids in crisis

I wanted to add a link to a great organization; if you can sew or not, crochet, knit or otherwise be creative with fabric or yarn, please look at their website and donate a handmade blanket or two. 
Sign up for their newsletter and find a chapter near you or start your own. 

Those who do not sew or knit, can make a blanket easily out of polar fleece type material by cutting to a specific size and finishing the edges as they indicate in the instructions on their website. 

I have the link in the left hand column; please check them out, organize a blanket making party. or on your own, and donate often.

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