This Place Matters

I just have to post about this today. My husband-the-architect and I are interested in the safekeeping of history of where we are at the time. We were in Sachse, TX and he helped the historical society  a lot with their master plan and remodel and design needs.  They also improved their website and became very visible in the community. 

Here is their link;

As a volunteer, he designed the remodel of the little brick museum, based on some artwork of the original Sachse family home design. The only thing original to the museum exterior is the brick and some windows, everything else was added: copper standing seam roof, porches, gingerbread, some windows and the interior redesigned.   He designed the gazebo, the fire truck/onion shed cover and helped with the overall layout of the grounds.   They have come a long, long way from just a few years ago.

Now we are in Caddo Mills and members of the Caddo Mills  Historical Society.  They have done a lot but are ready to get more accomplished, just like Sachse was.  We are pitching in and he is ready to help them with the remodel and addition plans they are looking to be made.

So, if you are interested in your local history and want to save it from being bulldozed, this might help get you started.  I have the link and maybe at least just sign up for their e-mails that don’t come along too often. National Trust for Historic Preservation, This Place Matters event.