Charitable giving, many ways

A few blogs back I was talking about “going green” and put out some websites to get you interested in the concept, as well as some products that are affordable the average family can start with.

Today some newsletters I subscribe to have popped up and so I though about putting out there the links to maybe get you thinking about ways you might be able to participate.

The first one is fairly easy, can be worked on in your own home at your pace, and very little interaction is necessary in order to accomplish a worthy goal. It is Project Linus.  A National organization with many state/city chapters. The more rural areas may not have a close chapter, and if not, you can contact them to try and start your own.  Here is the website:

I like to sew and it is a great one for me to work with.  Some chapters may be lucky enough to get products donated, but generally you are on your own in rounding up the materials needed to sew a blanket.  

Please read through all the tabs and sign up for the newsletter.  Many of the local chapters issue their own newsletter, as well.  If you don’t want to work through Project Linus, then think about calling a local hospital or children’s service organization and make and donate blankets locally. You could start your own informal blanket giving group.  Note that Project Linus has some strict size and condition requirements given on their website for making blankets to donate; you might want to follow their requirements in making and donating locally on your own.

Another cause is one of orphaned children in Africa my uncle and his family in Baltimore are involved with through their church.  He was a Peace Corps worker/teacher in Brazil for many years when he was younger and has some knowledge of hard times these countries face.  Many churches have donated money, materials and time on this and it is all coming together although the red tape in some ways makes it slow going.  Nevertheless, spirits are not daunted and the children they are helping are responding positively.  Here is the website:  He spent two months last year in Africa donating his time and energy in getting the village built.  They only recently got water piped in.   And here is their blogspot you can subscribe to also

And of course, Habitat for Humanity, is well known with lots of opportunities.

Volunteering locally is always needed.  No matter how small, all acts of kindness will be remembered and hopefully passed forward.