Holiday Treats, Gifts and “Poop” Website Fun

I was looking for the little Snowman Poop poem and found this fantastic website.  It will give you all kinds of ideas for family, friends, and co-worker gifts.  I am looking at the Snowman and Reindeer poop idea for co-workers (for fun), and the “food in a jar” gifts for neighbors, and the Chocolate Kiss trees for my son-in-laws family (we have lots of fun with them), and so many other ideas.  There are printable  pdf files for the poems, recipes, etc.

Take a look and find something quick and easy to gift  this season.

An Alpaca Spirit Ranch Christmas

Well, today is winding down and finds all of our animals healthy and happy.  They all look forward to their evening meal of pellet feed and fresh hay.  They see me coming towards the barn near dusk and start racing through the barn and around the pastures.  I honestly don’t know what keeps them from running into each other or stumbling over the uneven surfaces.  They delight in this race  and the girls pasture is neck and neck with the boys racing in their pasture and through their side of the  barn.  Today was in the 60’s and with some brief sunshine until the clouds rolled in this afternoon.  Some drizzle and maybe light rain tomorrow, Friday and off and on through the weekend.

The chickens delighted in the really nice weather today and were all over the pastures.  I am not sure what they were able to find to eat, but they were sure busy trying to find something good.  They are such fun to watch scampering around. 

I think I may let some of the broody hens raise some chicks in the spring when it is warmer and sell them.  I did look into selling eggs at the local Farmer’s Market and I must get a permit from the city to do so. I will have that in place when the market starts up again in the spring.  I am looking into some other items to make and sell at the market.

Have a nice holiday and a Happy New Year.   Get some tax breaks by purchasing an alpaca by the end of this year.  You don’t have to have a place for him; he can be boarded.  Check with your tax adviser and visit a nearby alpaca ranch before the end of the year to find an alpaca or two to own.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving; our family–son, daughter and their spouses–gathered in Nacogdoches this year so we could all be together for once.  We won’t all be together for Christmas so we will be visiting the kids as they have time off from their jobs over the holidays–retail managers and restaurant managers don’t find themselves with any time off during holidays, so we will go to see them.

Now, since the economy is in the dump this year, I have been finding things I can make since I have more time now to do so. I get the Tipnut newsletter and she had a link to a pattern and a picture of this wonderful purse/tote from Lazy Girl Designs.  Please take a look and go to the Noriko Handbag link below to get the free pattern.  I love the fabric she used and I can’t wait to try my hand.  I have been going online at eBay to find some fabrics for some of my other projects.

I hope this season will find you with friends and/or  family or volunteering in some way to make others happy.