HAITI Earthquake Relief

AARP will match dollar for dollar all contributions, up to $500,000.  Please contribute what you can.  They need the money to allocate accordingly to their needs to supply medicine, food, clothing and shelter.

Please consider a donation of any amount,  that will be matched by AARP, doubling your gift. Follow this link:


“AARP Foundation is proud to be working with HelpAge USA and its international parent organization HelpAge International to rush emergency relief to older and aged victims of the quake.”

Australian bushfires appeal

The Australian bush fires have claimed lives, towns and wildlife.  People are missing.  This is the worst bushfire in Australia’s history.  It is still burning.

 The Red Cross is appealing for money, not goods.  I have a site link to this Australian based company trying to raise money and you get 5 of their  PDF books for $29.95, regularly $149.95, and they will donate the ENTIRE $ 29.95 towards the Red Cross fund. The DEADLINE is  this FRIDAY, FEB. 13.   I have chosen my 5 PDF books and paid by Paypal.  You can also pay by credit card.In 24 hours they have exceeded their $50,000US goal and are on their way towards $100,000US.


Here is the link; see if you can help them.  If not, please consider donating to the Australian Red Cross. A link also below.



From The Australian Red Cross Website:

Red Cross response (2pm, 11 February)

  • Over 160 lives lost with the number expected to increase as authorities access more homes and discover vehicles in which people attempted to escape the fires.
  • Currently we are involved in the response phase providing temporary accommodation and food in around 20 evacuation centres. We have registered 7,500 people and provided 4,500 first aid treatments.  
  • We have a team at Kinglake with medical supplies and food — they are visiting a community who chose not to leave when the fires came through and who have not had any contact since. Priorities will be medical help, food and registering their names so family and friends know they are safe and well.
  • Another team are focusing on the Whittlesea evacuation centre as people are able to return to their homes for the first time. Our team will be offering personal support as this is going to be a very difficult time for those returning.
  • People from around Australia and around the world are phoning through to our Inquiry Centre to check on family and friends.  Volunteers who are trained in personal support are relaying heartwarming as well as heartbreaking, stories as the calls come in. In the past 24 hours alone we have answered 6,000 enquiries.
  • Over 400 volunteers and staff continue to work in rotating shifts. Red Cross call centres in WA, ACT and NSW have opened to help deal with the volume of calls from people checking on the welfare of evacuees.


Checking on friends and family in the area

  • people should ring 1800 727 077 if they are unable to contact someone in the affected areas
  • for people overseas enquiring about family and friends in the bushfire affected areas, please call +61 3 9328 3716 or
    +61 8 9225 8880

These lines are very busy, so we ask that people please be patient when calling.

Project Linus–blankets for kids in crisis

I wanted to add a link to a great organization; if you can sew or not, crochet, knit or otherwise be creative with fabric or yarn, please look at their website and donate a handmade blanket or two. 
Sign up for their newsletter and find a chapter near you or start your own. 

Those who do not sew or knit, can make a blanket easily out of polar fleece type material by cutting to a specific size and finishing the edges as they indicate in the instructions on their website. 

I have the link in the left hand column; please check them out, organize a blanket making party. or on your own, and donate often.

Alpaca food

Alpaca’s are not picky eaters.  Give them water, good pasture grass (we have brome with mixed natives), and hay, with some additional pellet feed once a day, and they are happy campers.  I use Stillwater minerals to give them some additional nutrients.  It is in a dry powdered form and I just throw a small handful on their pellet feed each evening and keep some extra in a spare feed trough for free access as needed.  We were lucky because the ranch owners before us raised Texas Bison and so all the pastures have been fairly well maintained and easy to resurrect even after they moved out a year before we bought this place.  The 104 acres was fenced and cross fenced into 11 pastures.  We have a neighbor grazing his cattle and maintaining  60 acres for us.  The 4 acres the alpacas are on have been easy enough to get into grazing shape by mowing to keep the weeds from going to seed.  With all the rain we have been drenched in so far this year, the pastures have rallied nicely and the alpacas graze all day.

Food is important to us all and we are lucky to have what we need.  Others who are not so lucky must rely on others to contribute to a food bank or similar resource.  I have found a few websites that do not cost you anything to contribute food.  Please put the links on your desktop and whenever you sign in, just take a moment to donate.  I have added the links below, and if you Google “donate food” you  may find other similar links.

The Hunger Site has additional links for other causes when you open it.  http://www.thehungersite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=1

Free Rice donates through the UN World Hunger program.  I read that some schools use this site to help teach children language skills and they see immediately their reward by their donation of rice.