Six books you will want for reference

I am a dedicated “researcher”.  Before we make any decisions or buy anything that is a  big ticket item, I research until I am comfortable making a decision and spending our hard-earned money.  You name it and I have researched it.  Likewise, before I invest in a reference book for the bookshelf , I want to make sure I get exactly what I need.  I read reviews and comments first.  I may check it out at the library first, or borrow it from an acquaintance. 

And so, in our pursuit of country living, alpaca/livestock husbandry, and poultry raising, I found these books so far that have helped answer lots of questions.  I shop at a nearby Half-Price Books or Hastings for good values; otherwise, I get great deals on Amazon.  You can set yourself up with a “wish list” and check it often to find any of your wish-list books that might be on sale at that time. Take a look  and search by topic, or author,  for an easier search.

Here are my 6 “go-to” books right now, in order by topic.  Some of the “country” will also have sections on poultry.

Country living:

1.  Storey,John and Martha Storey. 1999.  STOREY’S BASIC COUNTRY SKILLS.  Massachusetts: Storey Publishing, 564 p. 

2. Emery, Carla.  2008.  THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COUNTRY LIVING, the original manual for living off the land & doing it yourself.  Seattle: Sasquatch Publishing, 922 p.

3.  Ekarius, Carol. 1999.  SMALL-SCALE LIVESTOCK FARMING, a grass-based approach for health, sustainability, and profit.  Massachusetts: Storey Publishing, 217 p.


4.  Damerow, Gail. 1995.  STOREY’S GUIDE TO RAISING CHICKENS, care, feeding, facilities.  Massachusetts: Storey Publishing, 341 p.


5.  Hoffman, Clare and Asmus, Ingrid.  2nd ed. 2005.  CARING FOR LLAMAS AND ALPACAS, a health and management guide.   Wyoming: Pioneer Printing, 176 p.

6.  Bennett, Marty McGee, THE CAMELID COMPANION, handling and training your alpacas & llamas.  New York: Raccoon Press, 386 p.