Alpacas in Texas

Alpacas are becoming a little more well known in the U.S. I think. With some events and shows, alpacas can be seen and observed and hopefully you will want a couple for yourself. 

They are easy keepers; don’t require a whole lot of maintenance (once a year shearing, occasional nail trims, and vaccinations), and are small enough to be “user friendly”.  I have two gelded guard llamas (one for boy pasture; one for girl pasture).  Our fencing is very secure so far.  We put up a barn, with water lines also, for their comfort in bad weather or hot weather, and to keep the feed dry and have a dry area I can feed and water them and keep extra bales of hay.  It has worked out perfectly.

I have read about some getting so smitten with them that they buy them and bring them home before fully planning out their care and housing.  Most farms can board your alpacas for a short while  until you are ready for them.  This will give you time to set up your fencing (no barbed wire) and get their pastures and housing ready.

We worked out our pasture design over and over, trying to devise the most efficient use of gates and alleys to get them to go where we want them.  Once you have tried herding a group of alpacas in a pasture without any lanes or alleys, you will see why it is important to have them.  To get the most efficient plan, imagine you are all by yourself and there is some kind of emergency requiring you to move the animals from one spot to another.  How would you do it by yourself?  Thinking about it in this way makes you design a most efficient plan.  Your interior fencing can be less fortress like in most cases. However, make sure you have enforced fencing separating the boys from the girls. Make it tall enough they can’t jump it or push it down. The boys tend to rub against the fencing with their body weight several times a week, if not daily. 

Please visit the TXOLAN show in February in Fort Worth and enjoy these beautiful animals.  Any of us would love to have you visit our ranch. Just find us at the link below and give us a call and visit the show in February.