Easter Sunday and Alpacas

A happy Easter to you.  Although rather windy, it is a nice day.  The rain  that was predicted has so far not shown up. 

Since we moved to this 104 acre northeast Texas ranch it is interesting to note how the weather impacts our daily life, where it never was of much consequence when we lived in the city, other than maybe needing an umbrella to go to work or shopping.  We tune in to the weather daily and our schedule of activities is determined by the weather.  The old adage “make hay while the sun shines” is most appropriate.   We are contented where we are, and understand more fully the lives our grandparents had on their farms since we were city folk and only visited a few days at a time.  As children, you don’t see the whole picture and so our memories are very selective and idyllic. 

Yesterday, since rain was predicted today, we mowed the large expanse of lawn (a larger tractor is next on our list of budgeted necessities), the remaining 20 bales of hay was rearranged and securely re-tarped, the alpaca dung piles were scooped and disposed of (to reduce parasites), some rose garden clean up was done,  some evaluation done on some additional pasture fencing for more rotation access, and our neighbor sprayed ten of our acres for weeds as he helps us develop this acreage for coastal bermuda grass for hay.    The wind was fairly calm which helped make all the chores more enjoyable.   We also were expecting company for the weekend, so once evening settled in, we moved indoors and worked to make ready the house interior.  It was a most productive and enjoyable day.  It is also a nice assurance to see the animals enjoying their grazing and lounging, watching us work.  They are contented where they are too. 


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