I am sure you have heard of this term, AgriTourism.   If not, a lot of the agricultural community is turning their farmplace into a learning place.  Whatever they raise or grow they are willing to teach others about. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes not.  It may be a weekend event or an ongoing opportunity that just requires a phone call and a visit for a personal tour.  Questions will be asked and answered, maybe some free literature and contact information for more info.

This might be your chance to find a great new business for yourself or expand on what you have.  Google the term for your state and find out where to go for help in finding farms with information for you.  Also, check out the livestock networks of owner/breeders who might be able to guide you with help.  Check out the farmer’s markets and various animal show events for people to help you find your way.  They are glad to pass along what they have learned.

I researched heavily the alpaca and llama farms and ranches in the area and also their websites online to see who I wanted to visit or had info for me.  I read alot about chickens before I bought.  Those in AgriTourism are really wanting to help promote what they do.  They may have a guest house you can stay in for the weekend.  Some places have permanent cabins they rent as a restful vacation retreat for you.  One place nearby has expanded to include a chef who teaches cooking classes that include the seasonal foods they grow. 

 If you are looking for property it’s a great way to network to find out who might have a bit of land they have not put on the market but would be interested in selling.  I have found out a lot of land is sold among people who don’t even use a realtor.  Word of mouth among friends and neighbors travels far and can be successful.

AgriTourism is  becoming more popular and states are setting up new agencies to deal with this new business.  Find a place to visit and enjoy what you find.



  1. February 19, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    Here are some more good sources of information about agritourism:

    Farm Stay USA, at, with farm stay profiles and lots of helpful links, a directory of farm stays in the USA, an agritourism directory for N America

    • March 1, 2010 at 3:15 PM

      Thanks Michelle for the great links. I love the idea of being able to stay at a farm with the family for a refreshing change of pace for the city-bound folks.

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